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Grim Reaper Dark Bride

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Kamen Rider Drive episode 2 thoughts (aka Tomari and his army of hot wheels to the rescue)



We have another main Rider who doesn’t know he is a Kamen Rider, I have no problem with this. We get more of the same action as the first episode except we see a new wheel change in the form of a hunters cage that is used to the monster from the first episode after receiving an upgrade from one of the big bads. We finally learn that the license plate monsters are called Roidmudes, and the two big bad Roidmudes are named heart and brain. Heart and Brain embody the color coded enemy trope with Heart wearing red and Brain wearing blue. The kicker of this episode comes in the form of the monster of the week calling Shinnosuke a Kamen Rider. The end of the episode teases the series evil rider, Chase aka Mashin Chaser.

I have no problem with Tomari not knowing he is a Kamen Rider mostly due to the fact that the Heisei era Riders are not the Showa era riders. The Showa era riders were seeped in the tradition of the earlier Kamen Riders being prominent mentors or background characters that remained relevant. The Heisei era riders take the term Kamen Rider in more of a folklore, legendary, and philosophical context. Heck, Hibiki was never referred to a Kamen Rider but he exhibited the traits of one. The Heisei era idea of a Kamen Rider is that of a selfless folklore hero. I ranted a bit, but my rant is why I have no problem of Tomari being oblivious to his heroic heritage.

Yeah but after Decade it’s been implied that they’re all in the same universe with Riders meeting one another and the recent Taisen movie having Shotarou say he can’t leave his city behind. Hibiki can’t really be used as an example since it is a pre-Decade series and Decade put out the explanation that all of the Heisei series before it were on separate worlds. 

Really, even if Kamen Rider was considered a legend, with all of the events and the Internet going on you would think people would be more aware of Kamen Rider. In fact, it’s really stretching to say that Shinnosuke would not know what a Kamen Rider means. Even hen you account for the shows taking place in different cities I’m pretty sure people would still know about stuff like monsters attacking. Honestly, they would have been better off just saying every season takes place in a different world instead of trying to make it all be in one universe. 

I mean, at least Power Rangers has had teams acknowledge the presence of other teams existing (for the most part).

Personally in my opinion, although it’s implied so, I still think of it as their own world instead of living in the same universe and the reason they can meet is Decade. Well my headcanon is everytime something like Kamen Rider Taisen happens it means that the world is began to merge into one again so it have to be stopped heh. 


Although many people says that Viscount Druitt is tailor-made for Hide-sama, he actually auditioned for it, thus he have to nailed it good enough to get the role and to win the heart of the judges (and eventually win our hearts hehe)



Yata Yusuke 1st photo book, out in December 2014, size A4, price: 2,900 yen (tax included)

Anzai Shintaro 1st photo book, out in December 2014, size A4, price: 2,900 yen (tax included)

Because he is Pretty Fox Sasaki….

Because he is Pretty Fox Sasaki….


松下優也 「Whisper my name」 作・編曲:Lazy-Q  作詞:CAMEL  2014年10月18日配信決定!!  ‏@U_staff


松下優也 「Whisper my name」 作・編曲:Lazy-Q  作詞:CAMEL  2014年10月18日配信決定!!  ‏@U_staff




Kamen Rider Kuuga vs Spider monster from Episodes 1 and 2

Is it just me or did Kuuga not use as many CGI effects during the battle sequences? Like it was mostly him just punching and kicking monsters?

Ahhh, how things have changed from all this years


guardianoftimeandspace said: Hiya! I've been searching through the internet, and can't quite find an answer, and was wondering if you could help me? (I can't read Japanese D:) I was just wondering if you knew how I could preorder the DVD of 'Lycoris that Blazes the Earth', and if it'll have English subs? :D thank you either way! xx


I have only ordered from two places and they’re both Japanese sites.

Last year I ordered the re-run from Amazon JP which came with the musical and backstage footage (2 discs) at a discount price. It’s the same this year. Amazon ships worldwide and it arrived on its official release date.

This year I ordered from Animate Online because the Animate version has a 3rd disc of exclusive backstage footage and some other shit. But no discount price. You also have to be a JP resident to order from Animate online shops so I bought it through a proxy service.

A lot of people also order it from CDJapan but I never did so I don’t know how that works. But you might want to give it a search.

And it doesn’t come with any subs. Not even Japanese. It was meant to be only for Japanese audience (the DVDs are all region-2) so there has never ever been any foreign language subs.

Most of people that doesn’t understand Japanese will order it through CDJapan because the site is in English and it ship worldwide. 

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